A Different Tune

by Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

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From folk, swing and blues to Appalachian music and bluegrass, this album is a compilation of eleven distinct original songs written with the spirit and soul of old time tradition, and encompassing classic lyrical themes that will move any listener.


released 24 September 2010

All songs written by Lindsay Lou

Engineered by Sam Corbin

Mastered by Glenn Brown

Includes: The Flatbellys (Joshua Rilko, Spencer Cain, Keith Billik), Jen Sygit, Rachael Davis, Sam Corbin, Peter Knupfer (Detour Bluegrass), Missy Keech-Armstrong (Detrour Bluegrass), Jay Sobel, Mike Lynch, and Drew "Captain Midnight" Howard



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Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys Lansing, Michigan

Hailing from all corners of Michigan, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys give a nod to American traditional music, while boldy taking their own songs in new directions. Distinct vocals, tight harmonies, instrumental expertise, and creative arrangements are all essential characteristics of their unique sound. It's an infectious vibe that could only have been born in the heart of America's Fresh Coast! ... more


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Track Name: hey little birdie
Hey little birdie I got a message for you
Ya gotta bring it to my baby, bring it soon
Hey little birdie I got a message for you
Ya gotta bring it to my honey if it's the last thing that you do

Tell him that I'm missin' kissin' him bad
Tell him since I left him I've been oh so sad
My sweet little birdie are you listenin' good
'Cause this message for my honey has gotta be understood

Hey little birdie even if it snows
Even if it's stormy and oh so cold
My dear little birdie you just gotta be bold
I know you can make it through it with this love song that you hold

If he's sleepin' when you get there, whisper real soft
Make sure the affection doesn't get lost
Oh little birdie just let him know that from this side of the ocean
My love for him still grows and grows

(Repeat last two stanzas)
Yeah from way up on this mountain
my love for him still grows and grows
There's no way to change the notion
my love for him still grows and grows
Track Name: if you'll be mine
Hope that I look sweet to you my darlin' dear
Hope you know I'm waiting for you here
You know I adore you, I always will
When it starts a stormin', I'll love you still

Chorus (B part):
Don't know where we're going, don't know where we start
Don't matter to me, you are my heart
'Till the words stops a spinnin' and the sun doesn't shine
I will be yours if you'll be mine

The daisies said I'm crazy for lovin' you
I don't believe the daisies they're crazy, too
My love will cover you like the trilliums
But if they fill the forest, there's still not enough


The maple tree said, "don't you be a foolish girl"
Thinks he knows a thing or two 'bout this 'ol world
Ain't a sleepin' when I'm dreamin' of you my dear
How can I sleep when you're not here?


If I had an apple blossom, I'd put it in my hair
But when the bees are buzzing, I wouldn't dare!
If I had a rose bud I'd give it to you
So that you know that all of me is all for you
Track Name: sycamore tree
Hey there sycamore tree
Have I told you lately you're so lovely
Yes, I heard you calling for me silently
If you're not in love, fall in love with me

You are something that I recognize
Naked and without disguise
With you mighty branches hanging down
I can't believe what I have found


You got you head in the sky, the Earth at you feet
There's not a bird up there you fail to meet
And the music your leaves make, it makes me weak
How can you say so much and never speak?

And you never long for yesterday
Off with the old is what you say
And still I yearn for your embrace
How can I learn the sycamore way?
Track Name: ratko's waltz
I leave today my darling on a funny avenue
To a place where no one's ever blue or lonely
It's further than the rainbow, more riches than gold
I'll send for you my darling if you love won't grow old

For our home is o'er the sea my dear
In this land of opportunity
Peace, bread, work and love is all we need my dear
I'll send for you my love
Please wait for me

I built a little farm house, there's help to tend the fields
Men are hungry for work, for moonshine and steady meals
Gold paints the fields with autumn and lights the woods a new
The rolling hills and meadows they all wait for you


Well the winds weren't right, the Earth wasn't good to us this year
The rain never came and still somehow the skies were never clear
Seems our luck ran out and there were times I thought we'd lost it all
But I know God will bring you to me, we'll have better luck next fall

Track Name: mercy
I laid me down in a field of blue bonnets
Lord take me now while I'm good and honest
I felt the flowers fall for feelin' tall
So who am I to take it all?
A gamblin' fool for feelin' nothing could be done
I'll take the money and I'll run

Mercy Lord
Mercy Lord for you sinner sinkin' low

I meant to mend like a thread and needle
But I found my friends I'm far too feeble
I said my sorries but never more
They don't know what I'm in for
It's rock or hard ahead and there I am
I took the money and I ran


Impetuously I earn with interest
Recklessly I can't resist it
Next they're knocking at my front door
And I can't hide anymore
They'll carry me away with a wilted will to give
In the jail is where I'll live


My mendacious mask it mocks me cruelly
Those tenacious acts they took me truly
Now this cold empty prison cell
It hold me here from what I can tell
Unless the letters lie like Madoff did
In the jail is where I live

Chorus X2

Track Name: a different tune
Well I thought I could swim I was sure of it
But the whole sea gobbled me up
And now I'm inside of it, can't get out of it
Wonder what'll come of me now

So I bought me a steam boat, big and strong
I bought it to carry me home
But it crashed and burned and then I learned
I was meant to ramble and roam

Oh why, oh why
Why, oh why
Why's it gotta be so hard
When you think you can swim but you never win
And home is always way too far

And then I met you and a different tune
My heart began to sing
And there's no explaining it, no describing it
But when I'm with you I feel home

So think of me dear when you roam around
I'll be roaming and rambling, too
And when we're together, we'll have fine weather
As sure as the sky is blue

I know, I know
No need to tell me so
Sometimes it might be so hard
But it's more fun to swim when you jump right in
With the one you love wherever you are
Track Name: wait a while
Standing up in a furry
I rose in a hurry
To find where this journey would start

Running through the thickets
I swore not to miss it

That train was leaving town
For a brand new start

If I could just wait a while
In the golden grass knew high
Now where's that dial to slow it down
The winter's come and gone away without goodbye
Oh winter how'd you get to be so wise

The river swept us away
We knew not the time or the day
And this flooded town all up and down
Was taken away, too

We could just keep from drowning
As the rain kept on a pounding
You can sink or swim when you're already in
A current like that


(Repeat first stanza)
Track Name: the farm
There once was an old farm house
Where the best moonshine was made
But that old moonshiner's gone
His debts have all been paid

The children who were born there
Some of them moved away

But not so far as across the road
And there their families stayed

That old farm house still stands
A little off the road
It's weathered the seasons
And watched the trees grow
For the ramblers the roamers
And all in between
With simple words and melodies
It can't be explained

To Upper Michigan they came
Packin' a family so big
You couldn't count blood relatives
From those who just came in

They moved in that old farm house
Six boys, six girls the same
Brothers and sisters and
Timbrook was their name


The grandsons of the moonshiner
They thought the girls were sweet
And every day they'd cross the road
The Timbrook Farm they'd greet

Year by year they grew and grew
Until one day it came
One of those little Timbrook girls
She went and changed her name
Track Name: noah's lullaby
Noah my dear, you know what I hear
I heard that there's trees so tall
So tall tall tall, they make you feel small
So small you don't feel like you
Noah my dear, come here, come here
Let's see what theses trees can do

Noah my dear, you know what I hear
I hear that there's fish that can fly
Fish that can fly and birds that can dive
Deep into the ocean blue
Noah my dear, come here, come here
Let's see what these creatures can do

Noah my dear, you know what I hear
I hear there's flowers that can grow in the sky
They don't need dirt to stay alive
Like all the other flowers do
Noah my dear, come here, come here
Let's see what these flowers can do

Noah my dear, you know what I hear
I hear that there's places to see
Places to see and people to meet, and things to know
That can make you grow and make the whole world seem brand new
Noah my dear, come here, come here
Let's see what these people and places and things can do

Noah my dear, you know what I hear
I hear a song that reminds me of you
And nobody knows exactly how it goes
But I'll try to whistle it with you
Noah my dear, come here, come here
Whistle this song with me...
Track Name: o' sun
I open up my arms for you
Lord knows without you what I'd do
The flowers also reach up to you
O' sun you don't know what you do
To me

When it rains with the sky we weep
But for what you bring how bitter sweet
Soon the green will begin to ring
A more beautiful song I can't hope to sing
Or dream

'Cause when you're down I'm down, too
When you're up I'm up, too
When you're feeling just a little blue
I wish there's something I could do for you sun

I know the clouds have their job to do
I know the shade has it's value
But sun we run on your energy
It all starts with you and when it gets to me
Oh my


I heard them say that you give too much
The day it came when enough is enough
But they must know it's your way to love
Like a mother cares for her precious young
So you are


So blanket me in your warm embrace
Let the world know your beautiful face
And when you're down let that song be your guide
And know I'm here with my arms open wide
For you

Track Name: heard a little story
Well I heard a little story 'bout the mountains
I heard a little story 'bout the sea
I went to ask my mother if a word of it was true
And this is what she said to me

She said darlin' don't you worry 'bout nothin'
There so much in the world for you to see
There's time to see it all if you don't mess around
Don't you mess around, you listenin' to me
Don't you mess around, you listenin' to me

It was may when I saw him for the first time
Everything I love about the spring
And when I heard him sing those precious melodies
My heart decided that it wasn't up to me

I said honey I don't want your greenback dollar
Honey I don't want your watch and chain
All I want it time
No need to say that you'll be mine

And he said darlin' don't you worry 'bout nothin'
There's so much in the world we need to see
There's time to see it all if you wanna mess around
Wanna mess around, mess around with me
Wanna mess around, mess around with me

Didn't take long 'till I realized I had found him
Everything I wanted in my dreams
He took my hand, he took my heart
He took me from the very start
And this is what it sounded like to me

(Repeat last stanza)